Review – Honor Me by Chelle Bliss

Honor Me


Honor Me by Chelle Bliss

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A sweet, sexy, and sensational story swathed in suspense, Honor Me penetrates the heart and soul. Raw and real, this story brings on the feels. Love. Loss. Longing. Honor Me is nostalgic, noteworthy, and oh-so-nice. Being reunited with the great Gallos feels like coming home to friends, family, and everything familiar.

Ever since I wrapped up the great Gallos with Without Me, there was a pang of longing that refused to leave. An endless hangover. A wish for the story to go on as it definitely could not be over. I wanted…no needed…more of this family that is my family. I especially missed my first Gallo, Joe, ‘City.’ and like the bookworm addict I am, I had one big bookgasm upon discovering Chelle Bliss was gifting more Gallos…and CITY…my favorite!

The gorgeous Joe ‘City’ Gallo with his dark hair, blue eyes, ink, and tall, muscular body is BACK! I could not help but picture myself a few times as Suzy, his blonde, blue-eyed, and beautiful wife. When we left City and Suzy, they had their little lady, Gigi, but are adding two twin daughters to their Gallo clan.

“Little did I know that my guy would knock me up with twins. His sperm just had to be so strong that it found a way to hook up with two eggs and not the typical one.”

City may be rugged and all alpha, and a lion on the outside, but he is a pussycat inside. Fiercely loyal but loving. Protective but proactive as a husband and father. Oh City, beneath that tough exterior is a sweet and sensitive man.

“Suzy was the love of my life…my soul mate…She was the mother of my children and would always be the one who did it for me.”

I’m in Swoon Land.

Suzy is the opposite. She looks pure and innocent on the outside, but is a sultry spitfire inside.

“Everyone thinks I’m innocent, but I’m not.”

City loves his sweet and sexy more than ever. His vixen. His Sunshine. His everything.

The fire still burns like an inferno between this captivating couple who still stokes those embers any chance they get. I love the way they keep their marriage spicy.

“Suzy had a thing for being woken up with my dick buried deep inside her. A fantasy she shared with me a long time ago and I took advantage of it, playing it over and over at every turn.”

I’m still swooning but now scorching too. 

What is special and sweet about City and Suzy’s romance is that it is raw and real. Their struggle of trying to find themselves after having two more babies, twins, is a common problem for parents. City and Suzy are trying to connect after children and make time for them as a couple. The dilemma is a real-life one that many parents can relate to in reading this story.

“I knew that something big was simmering beneath the surface…I wanted my wife back.”

Suzy is lost with hormones taking her head hostage where her emotions are on overdrive.

“All I think about is that my wife doesn’t love me anymore.”

My heart breaks for this big and beautiful man. City loves Suzy with everything he has and just wants to find his wife again.

Time heals most wounds. Patience and perseverance along with City’s support and love has finally healed Suzy and this couple. They are the City and Suzy we all know and love: happy, heated, and hopelessly in love.

Sometimes the past reappears like a tornado, threatening to destroy everything and everyone in its path. Unyielding. Unrelenting. Unforgiving.

.”…I sat there for a moment and thought about the possibility of losing someone I loved. I’d never let it happen. There wasn’t one person close to me for whom I wouldn’t jump in front of a bullet to protect.”

Everything City, Suzy, and the Gallos have could be gone in an instant. Destroyed. Done.

“Whatever happened, I knew everyone else felt the same way. No matter what…we’d protect what was ours.”

The depth and devotion of this great Gallo family is like no other. Their bond is incredible and their banter—sometimes bold, often playful, and always loving—could be that of so many tight families. I fell in love all over again and can’t love this family enough. I know them so well. They are real, right?!?

Chelle Bliss has created magic in this mesmerizing and meaningful Men of Inked series that melts hearts and elicits emotions in the best way. I was honored to devour Honor Me, a story that revisited the familiar family of Gallos, and has still left me with a hangover where I want more. Need more.


5 great Gallo stars

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I had everything I ever wanted—a wife, a kid, with two more on the way. I was living the American dream. After the babies were born, we hit a rough patch. I did everything to prove my love, to show Suzy that nothing was more important than her. After some work and a lot of time, we found our groove again. Just when life had evened out, a familiar enemy came back to haunt us. It wasn’t my past that followed us, but my brother’s. When the danger gets too close, I’ll do anything to defend my family. There’s nothing more important than the people I love, and I’ll protect what’s mine—even if it costs me my life.


City, Suzy, and the entire Gallo family are BACK!

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