Review – Hetch by River Savage

Hetch Cover


Explosive, emotional, and enticing, Hetch hitches itself to your head and heart and never lets go. Sexy. Suspenseful. Soul-searing. A story of life, love, and loss, Hetch touches deep inside, pulling all of the feels. Sadness. Anger. Hope. Happiness. You’re embedded in this tale every. Step. Of. The. Way.

I was a bit nervous yet excited to meet River Savage’s newest novel, Hetch. It is not an MC book. I repeat: Hetch is NOT an MC book. What?!? The Queen of MC ditched the Knights for something else?!? I trust River Savage and love her captivating writing. However, I am full of mixed emotions as I begin this new adventure—blindly—choosing to ditch the synopsis and fly freely. What a ride this story was…a different kind of adrenaline rush for this River Savage MC whore.

The dedication brings tears to my eyes and I haven’t even dived into the book. Since it may indicative of what’s to come, I grab a bunch of tissues from my purse as I’m on a plane where many may see me bawl like a baby. I can already tell Hetch is not going to be as feisty, fierce, and funny as River’s MC books. No, this story is going to be heavier on the heart with a bigger message…so much bigger. I could feel the difference.

Liam ‘Hetch’ Hetcherson. Dark blond hair. Stubble. Green eyes. Tall. Muscular. All alpha. Cynical. Broken. Sarcastic. I fell in insta-love with Hetch. I want to wrap my arms around this broken man and tell him it will be okay.

Liberty Jenson. Blonde. Blue eyes. Beautiful. On a sex sabbatical. No men and no sex for six months. Though her neighbor in Apartment 9 gives her quite the porn star show. Those thin walls…so hot that she wants in on the action.

“It was wrong. So wrong. But it didn’t stop me from wanting it. The screams. The deep grunts of pleasure. I wanted it all. I wanted it to be me.”

Hetch Teaser 2.png

At a bar out with her friends one night, it’s insta-chemistry when Hetch and Liberty see each other across the room. Electricity shoots through the air as they banter a bit, making the meeting powered with more steam.

While Liberty is still in sans sex mode, a kiss with this alluring alpha can’t hurt, especially when Hetch is already staking claim to her lips and other parts.

“Been thinking about owning these lips since the second I saw them. So f**king perfect.”

Hetch Teaser.png

Roar! Hetch is a beast who takes what he wants. He is a predator and Liberty is his prey. He has never wanted anyone so much.

Once Liberty finds out Hetch is the porn star with his amateur show in Apartment 9, all bets are off. Liberty won’t be one of the bevy of beauties parading in his apartment, night after night. She won’t be a pump-and-dump gal.

Liberty may be angry and feel betrayed, but she still can’t get that powerful kiss out of her mind. That kiss that stole her breath. Her body. Everything.

“It’s like being thirsty on a hot day, and downing a bottle of water in twenty seconds. You swallow every last drop, suck every bit of air until you’re out of breath. Only then are you satisfied, fulfilled. Relieved. That’s what kissing Hetch is like.”

Hetch can’t even think about another woman…even for a quick lay. Liberty has invaded his head. His body wants more of hers, and his heart may fall hostage soon.

“She’s under my skin. The only problem is, I don’t have time to sit there and pick her out.”

Liberty is warming up to Hetch, and even thinking about giving in to her traitorous body and ending that sex sabbatical with this man who seems to already own her. Knows her. Belongs with her. 

“It’s never been like this before. Never so intense. Never so raw.”

Hetch Teaser 3.png

I love their chemistry, sometimes a battle of wills as both are fierce fighters who don’t want to surrender. Those kisses spark heat and speak like Hetch and Liberty can’t.

“Her taste invades my mouth as I sweep my tongue over hers, controlling the smartness right out of it.”

“No woman has ever managed to turn me on and piss me off at the same time.”

Just as they get closer with Liberty slowly luring Hetch out of the dark, Hetch leaves as fast as the wind. His painful past is an anchor, weighing him down. A storm, threatening to damage everything and everyone he loves.

“I don’t think I can see you anymore, Liberty….I don’t do relationships.”

Liberty has never wanted to get close to a man…until Hetch. This beautiful but broken man changed her. She may be the light to his dark, but he has opened Liberty up like a flower, something that no one has ever done. They are soul mates. Fate thrust this couple together and now threatens to tear them apart.

“He is hurting me. He’s hurting us. And I’m not sure if we can come back from it.”

Hetch is full of heat and heart in what is in River Savage’s best book yet. Jesse was my favorite Savage alpha until Hetch hooked on to my heart. I love Hetch who is the perfect guy. He takes what he wants, but being the badass alpha with a big heart, you want to give it to him. Give him everything. He possesses and permeates like an addiction of the best kind.

This story seduced me. Hetch stole every moment, every thought, and every feeling. So raw and so real, I was catapulted into this brilliant, broken, and beautiful book and did not want to leave. Hetch is devastatingly beautiful and a story that must be experienced. This story is so much more than a hot and protective alpha and sassy lady who falls under his spell. Hetch embraces the meaning and value of life.


Five sensational SWAT stars

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verb \ˈsāv\

1 a: Keep safe or rescue (someone or something) from harm or danger.

Synonyms: rescue, come to someone’s rescue, save someone’s life, set free, liberate, deliver, extricate.

Saving lives is the end goal.
It’s a responsibility I live with every day, the reason I wear the badge.
Built on a brotherhood that runs deeper than blood, this way of life has become my very existence…

Until Liberty.

I thought I was saving her.

I never expected her to be the one saving me.

Hetch Banner.png

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