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What happens when you become obessessed with the voice behind your favorite late night talk show? If you’re Ian Carlisle, you spend your nights engaging her in witty sexy banter and becoming so a part of her life and her show that you have to meet and hope that the on air chemistry is just as sizzling off air.

And boy, oh boy! Does is it burn white hot!

This was another delicious read from Erika Wilde! Kerri McCree has come to Chicago to make a name for herself as a talk show DJ. Her topic is all hot and steamy sex. But after a bad relationship, Kerri knows very little about the subject. That doesn’t stop her from faking it and keeping her audience coming back for more. Enter the very delicious and every enthralled Ian Carlisle. Over the past few weeks, he’s been an avid listener and a frequent caller to Kerri’s show. The two have a connection and everyone who listens can hear it. Ian can feel it. After a tragic loss, he finally realizes what he wants most is a real relationship with the person behind the sultry, sensual voice.

These two have some a deep connection, a true fondness for each other. But Kerri has a weary spirit and a cautious heart. She has walls and will do whatever it takes to hold on to her independence. Ian is certain that everything he has ever wanted lies with Kerri and he’s willing to fight for what they could have. He wants her to give him her everything – her heart and soul. He engages her mind, warms her body and makes her feel wanted – something that she has been missing in her life. Though she wants and tries to keep the relationship on a physical level, it doesn’t take long for Ian to pierce Kerri’s heart and make her re-evaluate her stance on love and marriage.

This story is filled with sexy, fun moments, heartfelt angst and a past filled with pain and sadness. Kerri and Ian are two passionate people who meet by chance but build something amazing by choice. Great secondary characters make this story a sweet romance and I turned those pages until the wonderful end. Just an absolutely wonderful read!

Five Heat Wave Stars!


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A sexy stand-alone, full-length novel!

Radio personality Kerri McCree really likes sex. Talking about sex, that is . . .

Kerri knows firsthand that you can hide a lot behind a microphone. Although she’s earned a reputation for discussing every aspect of sex on her show, she’s never had to back it up . . . until a sexy mystery caller proves to be even more irresistible in person.

Ian Carlisle is immediately intrigued by the sultry voice he hears on the late night radio show, and it doesn’t take him long to arouse Kerri’s imagination with his dirty talk. Now he’s turning up the heat and seducing the rest of her. Their on-the-air chemistry sizzles and they heat up the airwaves, debating any and all provocative issues possible. As the ratings soar, so does the sexual tension.

But will Ian do when he discovers Kerri’s not the sex expert she professes to be?

Originally published as Heat Wave under the name Janelle Denison

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