Review – Life Plus One by Rachel Robinson 

Life Plus One by Rachel Robinson!

I am SO LUCKY to read the books I read! Some I get to read early. Some I buy. But when I read a book like Life Plus One by Rachel Robinson it solidifies my love for the adult romance genre. I’ve read some pretty incredible books this year and I’m sure I’ll read more before it ends but I can safely say that Life Plus One will sit in my top three of 2017 EASILY! 

This is not a book that can be read really quickly, for a fun sexy hit. No, this a book where you have to take your time. It’s a book that hits you SO DEEP in your soul that sometimes you feel there is no way out. Rachel stole a HUGE part of me and it’s left somewhere between the pages of Life Plus One with Ben & Harper. 

One thing I LOVE in my books is ANGST and Life Plus One had it in SPADES. I was on the edge of my seat, gasping and sighing and swooning and hurting in equal measure. My smile hurt my face, my pounding heart hurt in my chest, my tears hurt my eyes, my body burnt and ached with SO MUCH sexual tension and connection that was brutally battered by LIFE and missed opportunity. My emotions were everywhere, still are EVERYWHERE. 

To me, Rachel Robinson writes the best SEAL ROMANCES out there. They are littered with strong, sinful, sexy alphas that make you all dreamy eyed. Life Plus One had an alpha that was strong and sinful and super, super sexy, but he was also so sweet, so raw, so BEAUTIFUL. This man stole away with me. Don’t get me wrong there was a couple of times I wanted to slap him but it was his whole persona that just ended up making me love him more despite his “moments”. Ben was one in a million! 

This book also delivers an amazing friends to lovers trope! Honestly Rachel DELIVERS it so freaking good. I felt everything. All their love, all their jealousy, all their lust, regret, pain, anger, sadness, happiness. ALL OF IT. I connected to them both so easily, so quickly that I actually felt as though I was breathing their air, living side by side with them. And that’s all down to Rachel and how she DELIVERS this story and these characters. 

Cover to cover….Beginning to end… Rachel Robinson destroyed me, ripped me apart, splattered my soul and left me broken, but she also raised me up, filled me with love, breathed beautiful life back into me and left me so happy that it was all sooo worth it. 

I could go on forever. I could literally speak about this book for days and not her bored. There is SO MUCH to it, that just when you think you know what’s coming or going to happen, the rug is dragged from under your feet and you’re freefalling. But in the end, it’s an experience I’m SO GLAD I took and it’s one I will NEVER forget. 

6, but that’s not nearly enough, beautiful, stars!

Ben Brahms shed his glasses, gangly body, and a life long pact to attend an Ivy League college with his best friend the day the world took on a sinister hue. With his outward appearance matching his new career as a Navy SEAL, Ben is saving the world…literally, at the expense of everything he gave up. A whole life. 


Harper Rosehall honors the pact. She takes on, and then dominates college on the opposite coast. Always the geek, and always behind socially—especially with men, she blossoms. With her moral compass guiding her, she finds herself drawn back to San Diego and all she left behind. 


With memories from their pasts haunting every interaction and decision in their present—and future, their timing never seems to be quite right. 

A marriage.

A baby.


Some friendships last the test of time, can Ben and Harper’s stand the tests of life? 

Life doesn’t care what you love, it takes it away anyways.

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