Review – Never & Again by Alissa York



Alissa York has written an absolutely amazing second chance love story with that little touch of taboo that makes Lydia and Jacob’s story even sexier!

She met him when she was a high school senior and he was a student teacher. They were drawn to each other but never acted on their feelings. They knew it was wrong… that it would only lead to heartache and loss. But a literal run in the day of graduation would change the course of Lydia and Jacob’s lives forever. Their relationship began that day – burning hot, even though they agreed to one rule. It’s only sex, no feelings would be involved.

They both knew that it was a lie… that is was STILL a lie.

The years pass and Lydia and Jacob find themselves together again – another literal run in. But this time… this meeting comes with revelations that shake Jacob to his very foundation. After losing his mother, his home and discovering that his wife was a cheater could Jacob finally have all that he’s ever wanted and have it with Lydia? He’s never stopped loving her and he can feel in his heart that she’s never stopped loving him either. Decision made. Never again would he be without her. There may be obstacles in the way but he’s not going to stop until he has her in his life, his home and his bed. Lydia knows that nothing good can come of this. She knows that as soon as she gives Jacob everything he’s going to leave her again. With so much more at stake, how can she trust him? How can she risk another broken heart?

This was a fantastic read that I couldn’t put down once I started. The story was beautifully written, the pace was just perfect. Lydia and Jacob’s steamy scenes kept me turning the pages and fanning my face, while the twists and turns on their road to happily ever happily made me scream at my kindle. Alissa’s talent is growing, and it shows in Never & Again. I am excited to see what she has coming next with the Broadway series! I highly recommend this up and coming author.

Brilliantly and fantastically done, Alissa!

5 Amazing Stars!




Lydia Reed is a busy woman. Raising a pre-teen as a single mom is no easy task, but there really wasn’t another option.

Jacob Teller’s life has not turned out as planned. Losing his mother, his apartment, and discovering his wife has been unfaithful sends him back to his home town.

A chance run-in brings Lydia’s world crashing down while bringing Jacob the hope of a family he never realized he was missing.

But life and emotions are never simple and are always messy. Obstacle after obstacle threatens to tear them apart while Jacob fights for his family and Lydia battles her heart and mind as they engage in a vicious game of tug-of-war.



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I’m a mother, wife, lifelong lover of books, and dog groomer in East Tennessee. When I’m not working or chasing five boys around, I’m camped out at my desk reading, writing, or binge watching netflix with a dog or two at my feet.

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