Review – Sexual Encounter by LK Collins



Dirty mouthed.
Sexy as sin.
All alpha.
Deliciously devious… but for all the right reasons.

Oh, Jett Jordan… you have slayed me, and it was so good! This was quick, dirty insta-love at it’s finest. Jett and Natalie are just… amazing.

Jett Jordan is a first class high end divorce attorney. He has seen the worst come out in people in his line of work. He’s experienced that pain in his own personal life. Never would he give his heart to someone only to have it trampled and crushed when things went south. Nothing could shake him… until Natalie Valero entered his office. She’s the wife of his client and from the moment he saw her, she shook him to his core. He would stop at nothing to have her. He wasn’t above dirty tricks, dirty tactics or dirty words in his quest to make her his.

Natalie has never met anyone like Jett. She has never been so moved, so turned on by someone. The instant attraction and the feeling of protection from him. She hadn’t felt this way… ever. Years spent in a horribly abusive marriage and now that husband was trying his best to railroad her and take away her most cherished memories. She never would have guessed that the handsome and alluring oppposing counsel would be so instrumental in changing the course of her life after her divorce.

This was such a fun, naughty read! Quick and sexy insta-love… one hot alpha and the woman who was his match on all levels. Natalie tilted Jett’s world on its axis, while Jett showed Natalie what a real relationship with him could look like. Swoony and satisfying… sexy and sinful. A great afternoon read!


Five Insta-Love Stars!




I’m not supposed to want Natalie Valero, not the way my body does, in every consumable way possible. But from the moment I laid eyes on her, I craved her like never before.

As I sit across the table from her, listening to all the disrespectful things her husband—my client—is saying to her, I can’t help wanting to protect her.
It makes me want to wipe her tears away.
To show her how a real man speaks.
The only way I’d ever make her cry is begging me for more.
But it’ll never happen.
Natalie is off limits to me; a line any lawyer knows you don’t cross.

But fuck does my cock want to.

Maybe just once—maybe…

Sexual Encounter is the first book in a three-book mini-series of standalone reads, all of which have an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger—just panty-melting hotness.

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LK Collins is the naughty alter ego for the husband-and-wife duo behind multiple bestselling and international bestselling novels. This real life couple is down right dirty in the bedroom, which bleeds through the pages of their steaming hot smut stories. While LK writes the books, Mr. Collins, the tattooed God himself, is the mastermind behind so much of the page turning sexiness.

If you are looking for a scorching hot read with chemistry so hot it jumps off the pages, then an LK novel is for you. From a number of standalones to series, their stories will make you blush, pant, and want to reread them once you’ve finished. The heroes are alpha, demanding, filthy talking men, that will do anything for their girl…or to get them.





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