Review – Sacred Serenity by Audrey Carlan


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After I finished reading Resisting Roots, book 1 in the Lotus House series, I couldn’t wait for more! I anxiously waiting for the release of Sacred Serenity! Mrs. Carlan has never disappointed and she still hasn’t this book was EVERYTHING! From sweet and caring to hot and steamy to sex personified! Amber and Dash’s story will leave you panting and swooning. The angst was raw. It was real! I felt for the characters so much throughout the story. This beautiful book grabbed me by the heart and wouldn’t let go for days after I finished.

So what’s better than Yoga? Why Tantric Yoga of course! I have never in my life wanted to jump right in and say….I’M READY TO TRY SOME TANTRIC!….like I do now. Who am I kidding? I’ve never known what Tantric Yoga really was until reading this book! I was hooked from page one. It sucked me in as I turned page after page never wanting it to end!

Dash and Amber come together is an explosion of sexual frustration. Inexplicably drawn to one another, both try to resist, but it’s no use when you’re soul mates. Or so Dash thinks.

“There will be no part of you untouched or untasted. I’m going to consume you, little bird, until there is no more of you and me. Only us.”

I was super excited that we got to see characters from Resisting Roots again! I loved how Mrs. Carlan allowed us to have glimpses into their lives and how they have been playing out. I still love Genevieve and Trent and his overprotective alpha man self!

I can’t get enough of this series or Mrs. Carlan’s books period. She is a phenomenal author who conjures up beautiful words for a timeless story! I can’t wait to see what she dreams up next!

“Flying is easy. Staying grounded is more challenging. Are you ready to walk our path?”


5 Soul Searing Stars!!!

Twenty-two-year-old Amber St. James’s focus is on her education. Her plan is clear―finish the elite San Francisco/Berkeley Medical School program early and become a pediatrician. She hasn’t given much thought to dating or to men in general, until she enrolls in the required human sexuality course…a subject foreign to her for religious and personal reasons.

Tantric yoga practitioner Dash Alexander is Lotus House Yoga’s most sought after sensual teacher. Women flock to him for his unique teaching style, calm nature, and wicked hot body. When he hears of Amber’s plight, he offers to help. The condition? Amber must assist in his couples’ Tantra yoga class as his partner. The sizzling attraction between the two of them is beyond anything Dash has ever experienced…spiritually or otherwise.

Through his teachings, Dash makes love to Amber’s mind and merges with her soul. Physically there’s only one problem, a secret that’s sacred. Amber St. James is a virgin…by choice.



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