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Forbidden Fling

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Warring families. A tragic accident. A love affair that would destroy everyone involved if the affair is discovered. Instead of the Montagues and the Capulets, the family feud is on a smaller scale – the Harts vs the Hayes. But just like Romeo and Juliet, two people find love where they certainly shouldn’t and secrets can destroy.

The Hayes have always blamed Delaney Hart for the loss of family member, Ian. It’s because of her, her alcoholic father and their bar – The Bad Seed – that Ian was killed. But they’ve also blamed their own son, Ethan. He should never have let Ian drink too much and get into any fights. The Hayes managed to squeeze Delaney and make things so difficult for her that at 18 years old she leaves Wildwood, her two young sisters and aunt. Ethan fairs no better, leaving his own dreams behind when the guilt of Ian’s death is used to his bitter father’s advantage.

Ten years have passed and The Bad Seed brings Delaney back to the one place she never wanted to see again. The bar her father has left to her and her two sisters has been designated a visual nuisance. It is up to Delaney to make a decision on the bar – demolish the place of her nightmares or renovate. Ethan has his own dreams for The Bad Seed’s liquor license – he wants to open his own brew pub for his homemade beer. The plot thickens even more – he is the city planner and chief inspector.

Ethan has always wanted Delaney but knows she’s out of his league. Delaney has struggled the last ten years and has kept men at arm’s length. What’s supposed to be one night together changes everything. Delaney knows the feud will escalate if they are discovered. Even if she and Ethan are electric together, her plans for the bar will damage the fragile bond between them. Ethan realizes that with her he can finally be everything he wants to be – have everything he ever wanted. Still so much stands in the way – his warped family, his obligations and his guilt.

Oh, the steam and instant chemistry between these two! Scorching hot encounters that neither one could forget. Neither could this reader! Delaney and Ethan burn, burn, burn! The family feud left me speechless and angry. How can family be this cruel? The story is wonderfully full of angst, heartbreak, misunderstandings and want for something that should never be. Twist and turns kept me turning the pages. I fell just as hard for the secondary characters – Pops and Phoebe – as I did for Ethan and Delaney. Especially for Pops.

Forbidden Fling is a fantastic look into Wildwood! The Hart sisters, Avery and Chloe, are set to come home soon, and I very excited to see what happens next in this series! This was a fun and fabulous read. Great job, Skye!


4 Wildwood will be WILD! Kisses


Forbidden Fling, Book 1 in the Wildwood Series by Skye Jordan

Delaney Hart has come a long way from her wild youth, dating tattooed bikers at her father’s bar, The Bad Seed. But when his death pulls her back to Wildwood, California, she must stay to renovate the dive he left her. And also face the lies and secrets that sent her running ten years before.

When Wildwood’s chief building inspector, Ethan Hayes, shows up on the property, Delaney doesn’t recognize him. The last thing he wants to do is save the bar where his cousin died in a brawl. But the good boy from her past is all too willing to remind her of the bad girl she used to be. And one night of passion leaves them both in a compromising position.

The last place Ethan should be is in Delaney’s bed. Guilt, family pressure, and plans for a brewpub of his own make shutting down The Bad Seed his top priority…until his feelings for Delaney interfere. Because her future depends on the success of the bar’s renovation and his dreams are rooted in its failure, their forbidden romance may be destined for heartbreak.


She lifted a hand to his face and cupped his jaw. “You’ve been through enough. You have a great life here. A good job, great friends, everyone in town respects and likes you, all the single girls can’t wait for the day you look their way. I’m not going to come into town for a week, or a month, turn everything upside down, and leave. That’s not right.” She ran her thumb over his cheek and smiled. “So we’re good?”

Panic blipped through his chest. He covered her hand with his to keep her from leaving, while he fought for something to say that would fix everything and make her stay. But she was so freaking rational, so goddamned logical, he was having a hard time finding anything to work with. And with the bar, his grandfather, his family, his aunt, and his job in the middle of this, he didn’t even know if he should.

“Delaney, let’s—”

“It’s not a big deal.” She curled her fingers around his and lowered their hands. “And I’m not going to make it one. I just wanted you to know so you wouldn’t worry. I’m good, so we’re good.” She nodded. Smiled again. “Okay?”

Say okay and let her go.

He shifted on his feet.

One little word.

Let her go. Right your world.

“No.” He heaved a sigh and rubbed his eyes. “No, it’s not okay.”

“Ethan . . .”

Her goddammit-I’m-barely-holding-on-here plea was lost on him. He slipped his arms around her waist and pulled her warm little body against his.

She pushed at his shoulders, leaning away. “You know I’m right. You know it’s what you need.”

“No.” He lifted a hand and cupped the back of her neck. “You are what I need.”

He pulled her mouth to his and kissed her. She mewled, the sound frustrated, but her hands fisted in his shirt and held him close.

Ethan softened his mouth, tilted his head, and kissed her again. This time, she whimpered and her body loosened. The feel of her melting against him pushed heat through his body. He moaned and slid the hand at her neck into the silky strands of her hair, and when she parted her lips to gasp, he pushed his tongue into her mouth.

She opened to him immediately, hungrily, and met the stroke of his tongue. The warm, wet slide made everything Ethan had been holding back—the lust, the confusion, the fear, the anger, the want, the longing—break through his barriers like a flood. The wave wiped everything from his mind but Delaney and brought profound relief.

With nothing else invading his thoughts, he focused on the luscious cushion of her breasts against his chest, the soft mound of her sex against his cock, the feel of her small waist beneath his arm.

And, God, her mouth. Wet. Warm. Wild.

He tore out of the kiss, lifting her into his arms and starting for the house. “Fuck, I need you.”

She bit her way down his neck, and tingles spread across his skin, but at the same time she murmured breathless attempts at logic. “We can’t keep doing this. Too complicated. If anyone finds out . . .”

He pushed his door open, covered her mouth with his, and let his tongue talk her out of leaving. By the time they were inside, she had her legs wrapped at his hips, one hand deep in his hair, the other working his belt open.

The thrill of winning her over spread through him like fire. He kicked the door closed, and Delaney pulled out of the kiss, breathless, both hands moving to the buttons of his shirt. Turning a circle, he searched for the closest horizontal surface. But his kitchen was a mess, his sofa was covered with laundry, and his dining room table was strewn with paperwork.

Then her mouth found his again, licking and biting and sucking, while her hands worked on his shirt, and his desperation mounted.

“This is the last time,” she murmured between kisses. “Not happening again.”

Screw that. He turned a half circle and rested her butt on a wide, deep windowsill. Her thighs opened, and she pulled him between her legs.


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