Review – Man Candy by Melanie Harlow


Man Candy Cover


Man Candy by Melanie Harlow

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Man Candy is a sweet, sassy, and smoldering friends-to-lovers story that hugs the heart and seduces the soul, casting a spell that remains long after the last page. Sugar and spice. Fire and ice. A captivating contradiction. A delicious delight. Man Candy is a beautiful and brilliant present you want to devour yet take your time as it is pure page and panty-pounding pleasure. Melanie Harlow makes magic, weaving a web of allure, angst, and addiction in Man Candy, her best work yet.

I could not wait to devour my sinfully sweet piece of Man Candy like the most delicious chocolate, so when it finally hit my kindle, I may have belted out a squealing bookgasm! After giving the cover a few eyegasms because it’s seriously stunning. The cover is perfect for Mr. Man Candy, a story that is as striking and steamy inside as it is outside.

Barely into the story, and I’m giggling like a school girl from the Harlow High that ensues when this author incorporates heat-laced humor missiles that hit my funny bone every time.

“I imagined him sticking his pig in some gorgeous blonde’s blanket.”

I’m laughing like a loon like someone spiked the party punch and I drank it all.

Diving into Man Candy is like the best bubble bath ever. I bathed myself in this beautiful book. I breathed this brilliant book like ocean air because I didn’t want to look up or stop reading. I wore every word on these powerful pages like my favorite panties because they quickly felt like a part of me. I laughed like a loon. I lusted like a lioness. I cried like I was at the sweetest wedding. I felt it all as the book bled into me.

The beautiful brunette, blue-eyed, and curvy Jaime Owens tried to seduce her brother’s gorgeous best friend, Quinn Rusek, 10 years ago when she was 17 and he was 18. He rejected her. I repeat: he did nothing. One big burn. An ego blow. A knife to the heart.

Fast forward ten years later and Jaime is a fierce firecracker who is more beautiful than ever. She never fully recovered from Quinn’s blow to her heart and now has walls around her heart that rival The Great Wall of China. Jaime loves sex but without strings. Just a wham, bam, and thank you ma’am. Have the big ‘O’ and send them on the go.

I love Jaime! She is refreshing and raw. She holds nothing back and speaks her mind. Jaime’s lady balls rival any man’s.

Oh Quinn…I think Melanie created my favorite male character of hers in my favorite book of hers that’s making me fan myself in my fantasies involving him. All of him. Pure perfection. One luscious Quinnsicle. He’s hotness and heaven and oh so holy amazing. Yes, the gorgeous, tall, dark-haired, blue-eyed man candy is sex-on-a-stick-rolled-in-sweet-candy perfection.

Quinn is back in town from Cali to stay for good this time, right next door to Jaime and ready to pick up where Jaime left off though this time he won’t resist. Now Quinn wants to show grown-up Jaime that all of him is in the game now. They have unfinished business. Big business.

“I hadn’t been able to resist trying to get a rise out of her—to see if that girl I knew was there underneath that frosty exterior, the little spitfire with the big eyes and bigger mouth.”

Jaime swore she would forget about the man candy who didn’t want a piece of her, but suddenly it’s raining Hershey kisses.

“Quinn Rusek was one fine piece of man candy, and I had a sweet tooth for him that wouldn’t quit.”

Man Candy teaser.png

Jaime wants a night or few of sinfully hot sex.

“I’m all for no-strings sex…but…I don’t believe in love.”

Quinn wants more. Like during their childhood, it’s the ultimate game of chicken to see who squawks first. Love or lust, which will win?

“Had I not made it clear that I don’t want a boyfriend, but I do want sex? What kind of guy turns down an offer like that?”

The way Jaime wanted to play with Quinn’s he-beast is hilarious. Oh. My. Snort. Laugh.

“I was dying to play with it. Lick it like a Popsicle. Suck it like a peppermint. Ride it like a pony.”

Their chemistry is off-the-charts HOT! Simply sizzling.

“I wasn’t sure which side of her made me want her more, the fire or the ice.”

Man Candy Teaser 3.jpg

Jaime is still resisting Quinn’s sweetness though is totally game for the scorching sex.

“All I’d wanted was a little man candy, and he was offering me an entire meal.”

Man Candy teaser.jpg

The meal is too much for Jaime who just wants a sample. This princess may never want a prince.

“This couldn’t happen. It couldn’t be me…I knew I was drowning…I couldn’t even breathe…I had to fix this. Now. Good thing I had an emergency exit strategy all planned out. I always had.”

Though the prince may wait for his princess to get her head together but only for so long before he rides into the sunset solo.

“She turned me away, so I’d give her what she wanted. No matter how much it hurt.”

Man Candy Teaser 2.png

Man Candy packs a powerful punch filled with lust and love, and angst and allure. The feels fell from the pages straight to my soul. I sweated. I swooned. I scorched. I shook my head. I scowled. I shed tears (The PMS Princess nearly daring me to do so.). I smiled. I sweated. I swooned. Again and again.

The story is over and I’m still swooning. Man Candy is sugar and spice. A bonbon of book bliss. The best guilty pleasure, Man Candy is an entertaining and enthralling escape that embedded me deeply into this book. This tale is as tender and touching as it is sexy and sassy. A sweet, sexy, and seductive story that stole my panties along with my heart, Man Candy is a must-read masterpiece of pure pleasure and is Melanie Harlow’s most sensational story yet. I fell in love with my Man Candy and want to devour it just a bit longer as the taste is simply delicious.

Man Candy Cover 2.png


5 sugary sweet and scorching stars

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He’s back.

Not just back in town, but living in the flat right beneath mine. And he looks good enough to eat, which is just one more reason to stay away from him.

But I can’t resist.

The sex is incredible (pretty sure we’ve shaken the house right off its foundation), but he can’t fool me—not this time. A degree in marketing and five years in advertising have taught me that “true love” is a fairy tale used to sell lipstick, diamonds, and perfume. It doesn’t exist.

He thinks I’m wrong, and he wants to prove it.

I think he’s crazy, so I dare him to try.

It might be the biggest mistake of my life.




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