Review – Last Kiss by Laurelin Paige

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Last Kiss by Laurelin Paige

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A nail-biter of a twisty, thrilling, and touching tale, Last Kiss bleeds angst, pouring passion from the pages straight to your heart and soul. Like a kiss, this story is scorching, sensual, and seductive. Last Kiss is not just a book—it’s the ultimate escape from reality where you are utterly immersed and intoxicated. You are folded into this story so deeply that Last Kiss bleeds into your world, haunts your head, and dances in your dreams. This book becomes you. You are Last Kiss.

From the very first page, I’m on edge. Anxious. Afraid. Enchanted. Energized. I dive in. I devour Last Kiss. Last Kiss devours me, eating me alive. I want to slow down and enjoy the ride. I want to race through this incredible and intoxicating read but, like a gravitational force, the pull is too strong to slow down. Last Kiss quickly steals my breath, my thoughts, and my emotions. Pulse pounding. Brain bending. Tears tricking. Body burning. Soul soaring. I am drowning in feels.

Last Kiss is a thriller. A suspense. A romance. So many things rolled into one amazing adventure. This adrenaline rush of a read has hypnotized me. Held me. Haunted me. Hurt me. Healed me. The adventure is so raw and real that I feel that Last Kiss. I’m addicted. I’m awe-struck. I’m alive.

Beautiful, blonde, blue-eyed, and curvy Emily Wayborn is a character I love yet hate. She is fearless but spineless. Endearing yet annoying. Such a contradiction. Co-dependent and clingy, Emily depends on others too much for her own happiness and it drives me crazy! Emily has faced tragedy after tragedy but is still a survivor, and I have to applaud her for being so strong.

Reeve Sallis is a gorgeous, tall, dark-haired and blue-eyed billionaire. Powerful. Passionate. Penetrating. Possessive. Predator. Reeve is a man of many layers. I love him. I loathe him. Reeve owns Emily. Reeve owns me.

Emily is reeling from Amber’s return. The best friend who was supposed to be dead. The one who is now in the middle of whatever it is that’s forming between Reeve and Emily. Emily is unsure where she stands and unnerved.

“I turned to the man who held her. Who moments ago was my man—now I wasn’t so sure.”

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Turmoil thrusts throughout the story like a dragon breathing fire. My heart breaks for Emily whose relationship with Reeve is now compromised and more complicated than ever. Reeve let her get close and now that slow building trust may be for nothing. Emily is bathing in a bath of betrayal as Reeve realizes he was merely a pawn in her act of revenge.

“I’d let him in, let him consume me and yet I’d still kept him at a distance, even when I knew he’d tried to let me in.”

Truths unfold as Emily and Reeve confess, leaving both disappointed. Deceived. Devastated.

“He’d wanted me to trust him because he wanted me to love him.”

Emily doesn’t fully trust Reeve but she wants to. She wants to love and trust this man and give him everything she has. Everything she is. Everything she wants to be.

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“You feel me. Right now you feel me, Emily. That’s where I am—inside you. All the time, I’m there. No matter whose bed you sleep in.”

Gah! These powerful and poignant words pull at my heartstrings. The feels flow HARD. Reeve is intense and incredible. I LOVE this complex but caring man. I can’t stop swooning. I don’t want to.

“I wish you could see this Emily. You’re so beautiful like this. Bent over and open for me.”

The chemistry burns hot like fire. So intense and intoxicating. I’m melting. My body is aflame. Reeve can just take me NOW.

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“He loved me. He loved me enough to say it out loud. But he’d loved her too. Yes. I did belong to him. But I belonged to Amber too.”

Danger has pushed Reeve’s former and current loves under the same roof. While two is company, three is a crowd. Emily is ready to throw it all away. Concede and let Amber hold the cards….again.

“Amber’s presence changed everything. I made promises to her long before I’d thought about making promised to Reeve.”

I want to hug Emily yet hit her hard to knock some much-needed sense into her. She has let Amber control her too hard and too long. Emily is the puppet and Amber is the puppeteer pulling the strings. Emily puts Amber above Reeve. Above her. Above happiness and love. Above everything.

“Hell was cold and ice and emptiness. Hell was watching the one I’d grasped to so tightly slip through my fingers. Hell was realizing the one I’d come to love would never choose to love me.”

All is fair in love and war. This is war. A bloody battle for love where ashes are left after the heart is burned. One where there is no winner.

“I want to break you.”
“You do. You do break me. Every time.”

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Last Kiss broke me. Bewildered me. Branded me. Breathed fire and life into me like a last kiss. I cried hopeless tears. Happy tears. Hopeful tears. Last Kiss captivated and crushed me ceaselessly. I was held prisoner by this heart-hitting story, hoping for a happily ever after to follow the broken trust and beautiful disaster that was Last Kiss.

In Laurelin Paige’s most explosive and emotionally-wrenching romance yet, Last Kiss is a powerful and poignant tale that permeates straight to the soul. It’s dark, dirty, and decadent like a kiss with heat and heart hidden in the core. It’s lust, loathing, and love but so much more. Last Kiss leaves a longing that may never leave as it touches all the right spots. I fell in love with both First Touch and Last Kiss, and I’m not ready to let them go.


5 twisty, thrilling, and touching stars

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Emily Wayborn has made a decision.

She might not fully trust handsome and deadly Reeve Sallis, but he is the one person that gives her what she needs. With Reeve she can finally be herself. Submitting to him is the only thing keeping her grounded as the rest of her life falls apart. But the hotelier is a master at keeping secrets and as she continues her quest for answers someone is making sure she doesn’t find them.

Time is running out and she is questioning everything she thought she knew about friendship and love. She must now make an impossible choice that will determine if she will survive with her heart…or at all.

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