Review-Saving Grace by Bianca D’Arc

About Saving Grace:


Saving Grace Cover

As Game Warden, Jack Chambers is responsible for the wildlife in and around Grizzly Cove, but he never expected to find a badly injured mermaid washed up on the shore near his house. He takes her in and helps her back to health, only to learn of the much greater danger held at bay, just off shore, and how it’s affecting the ocean-going shifter population.

Jack’s immediate problem is the pull the leviathan still has over the woman he is fast coming to believe is his mate. He has to save her, but they also need to work through the problems of a land shifter and a mermaid getting together. Can they make the relationship work? Or is he going to end up broken hearted when she returns to her watery home?

And who even knew there were mer people off shore? This is something the residents of Grizzly Cove are going to have to figure out, especially with the leviathan out there too, still posing a great threat to all creatures of the Light.

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This was one heck of a good quick read. I’ve never read anything involving mermaids until now, and I must say, I really liked it. It is a shorter books that effectively gets the job done. There is a great pace and it keeps you in your toes.

With the evil leviathan out to get everyone, Jack and Grace have to decide  how quickly their mating bond needs to take place. With the evil lurking, everything moves at a different speed. Can they strengthen their magic to help Grace resist the pull if the evil? Are they truly fated mates?

I can’t wait for Bearliest Catch to see where the story will further unfold. Highly enjoyable shifter romance.


Review by Tina

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