Review – Stud Finder by Lauren Blakely

STUD_FINDER_cover_Lauren Blakely

Stud Finder by Lauren Blakely

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Warning: You will get addicted to the DRUG that is Lauren Blakely’s writing!!!

Here’s how I read a Lauren Blakely book: First, I sometimes skip the blurb as I don’t even need to read it to know I’ll love whatever crack this author churns; I get high on it all! I proceed with zero caution, diving in, and then devouring as if I am out to get drunk, downing each word like a smooth shot of fine whiskey.

Stud Finder. I don’t need the cover or the blurb to lead me to read because HELLO HOT-AS-HELL TITLE! Off to find a stud! SOLD!!!

This love story is even more spectacular than its clever and self-combusting title. This love story is so SWOONY and SWEET. This love story—this Stud Finder—SWEPT ME AWAY!!!

I was so CHARMED by this flirty fairy tale … HOOK, LINE, and SINKER!!! Sink her…YES, I sank so hard into Stud Finder that I could not and did not stop reading until the end! PURE ADDICTION!!!

Once upon a time beautiful Princess Evie, could not find a prince because she was helping other princesses find their princes. This beautiful princess loved helping others find love but had given up on love for herself. Until she helps the very handsome Prince Dylan, her best friend’s brother, find a princess.

I SMILED at the flirty and witty banter between this hero and heroine. 

“C’mon, Evie. Go wild with me.”

The way he says those words are part-goad, part-flirt, and there’s something about him I can’t resist.

Stud finder RDL teaser 1

I LAUGHED at and LOVED Dylan’s obvious ogling and deliciously dirty mouth!!! 

I nearly whimpered at her downward dog in front of me. I am a dog as I stare at her ass.

I SWOONED and SMOLDERED as Stud Finder’s alpha in hot nerd packaging made me weak in the knees!!! One of my kryptonite story scenes is when the hero says, F-it, takes the risk, and shocks the heroine speechless with a kiss. When Dylan delivers this take-charge kiss, I WAS DONE!!! A hero who COMMANDS, cupping the heroine’s face, as he plants a sensual, full-body kiss on her is so FREAKIN’ FIRE-HOT and HEADY!!! I am still melting from this scene…JUST YES!!! 

He parts his lips to speak, then mutters, “Fuck it.” He cups my face in his hands and dips his mouth to mine.

Laugh-out-loud funny meets slow-burning love in Stud Finder, a fairy tale guaranteed to make you smile and swoon! Charming characters, combustible chemistry, imaginative and engaging writing, sugary sweetness, and a plot that pulls the reader in make Stud Finder the PERFECT FEEL-GOOD ROMANCE! I ADORED this SWOONY and HEART-HAPPY LOVE STORY! Stud Finder is a match made in romance heaven…the perfect find…the perfect fairytale!!!

“I want you to match me with you.”

Young couple in love, hugging on the street. Selective focus.

P.S. #TeamTeaAlways

💋💋💋💋💋 melt-worthy ‘perfect match’ kisses


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Man seeking woman: Hot, rich, smart, witty, self-made multimillionaire Internet genius seeks classy, intelligent, sexy, fun-loving woman who’s interested in settling down and sharing all the good things.

There. Best. Ad. Ever.

I will absolutely find the woman of my dreams, someone who’ll love me for me. Even if my sister thinks I need help dating, I’m confident I can pull this off, courtesy of the great worldwide web.

Let me just hit the upload button right now…


No. Just no. As a woman and a professional matchmaker, I can’t let Dylan Parker run this ad. He’s the catch of all catches. That’s why his sister has asked me to help her ridiculously good-looking, insanely rich, but socially clueless brother find a woman. As a broker of happily ever afters, I’m known as the Stud Finder since I make a great living pairing wildly successful women with men who won’t fleece them but will adore them. After all, what woman in her right mind wouldn’t fall in love with Dylan?

I mean, besides me. It totally won’t be me.


What am I doing?

Dylan is my client’s brother.

Dylan is now my client.

I’m not interested in a match for myself. I’m not looking for love. I’m focused on work, and Dylan is my work.

The trouble is, my work turns me on more than I expected, and that’s for one elemental reason—I like him.

I like him so very much.

That’s why I jerk this conversation back to the purpose of these get-togethers—prepping him for his princess charming, whoever she may be.

I brush one palm against the other. “The big question is—are you ready for me to set you up on your first date? Or do you think the fall in yoga has set you back?” I wink.

“You think falling in yoga means I’m not ready to date?”

I laugh. Nervously. “Well, not entirely. But it did remind me what we talked about before we had tea. That we all have a bit of dork in us. So, I didn’t know if you wanted to walk through all the potential topics, moments, pitfalls, and so on.”

“Like a pre-date prep? Or maybe even a practice session?”

“Sure, we can practice now if you’d like,” I offer.

He doesn’t answer right away. When he does, he takes his time, like he’s making an offer. “Or maybe we can practice in a true date simulation.”

Tingles race over my shoulders. “Like a practice date?”

His eyes twinkle like stars. “I need a practice date badly. Can I take you on one? It would be so helpful to review everything. Make sure I’m ready.”

When he puts it like that… “Yes, of course.”

I want him to put his best foot forward. I didn’t say yes because I want to date him. I wouldn’t do that, even though when he walks away, all I can think is how on earth did I wind up with a pitter-pattering heart for a man I’m handing off to another woman?



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A #1 New York Times Bestselling author, Lauren Blakely is known for her contemporary romance style that’s hot, sweet and sexy. She lives in California with her family and has plimage2otted entire novels while walking her dogs. With fourteen New York Times bestsellers, her titles have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Lists more than eighty times, and she’s sold more than 2 million books. In October she’ll release HARD WOOD, a sexy, standalone romantic comedy. To receive an email when Lauren releases a new book, sign up for her newsletter!



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