Review – Own It by M. Dauphin

Own It by M. Dauphin

OH MY HEART! My happy, singing heart, so full of FEELINGS and all the bookish things we dream of. DAMN YOU M for OWNING ME with Own It. I’m ruined. Completely ruined over your BEST BOOK YET! My new M Dauphin FAVE!!!

Own It was a quick read. Easily devoured in 3 hours.. I was ADDICTED. HIGH off magical words and epic emotions and everything in between. M has TOTALLY nailed everything in this book. From the first chapter that smacks you in the feels and grips on SO, SO TIGHT. To the simmering, intense connection between the lead characters that just steals your heart and soul. To the secondary characters that add into the story and aid the flow. To a story line that wasn’t littered with unnecessary drama, but focused on two people, both different, both suffering, both searching. All of it, totally perfect. Just breathtaking. Jett & Lo have ALL OF ME. 

Jett Voss. My current obsession. LORD THIS MAN. I want one. Like now! I don’t know how M writes men the way she does but they work themselves straight into your heart and just wreck you. In the BEST POSSIBLE WAY. I’m just. GAH! *floats from the swoon* 

His and Lo’s relationship was written flawlessly. They were just right. You know? Like I could just feel it and I just knew the relationship was going to give me those epic tummy flutters and it did. Multiple times. And by golly THEY ARE HOT. BURNING HOT! Just EVERYTHING. 
I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Own It, owns me. It’s M’s best book yet and my ultimate fave of hers!! 


You know what sucks? Cancer. Cancer sucks. 

Especially when it takes a young life. Like the life of my five year old son. You want to know what I have to say about that? Nothing. Absolutely nothing because I don’t have the drive anymore. There’s nothing left in me except emptiness. That much is obvious. I’ve lost my car, my career, and my apartment. At least I have my brother. Actually, I just have a place to stay because of my rich, single brother. 

I’m struggling to find purpose again. After what life’s shown me it can do to a person, I really don’t care if I’m breathing anymore. 

I am, but barely.

Then Jett Voss showed up and it’s like he’s an oxygen mask I don’t need or want.

She’s got no cares left in the world and I’m determined to resuscitate her heart.

It was a one-night stand that connected us. She only had one want that night, and I took care of it. I’m not stopping there though. I may have not known her before her heartbreak, but I know there’s life inside of her still.

I will find it.

That means I need to stick around town for a while. I guess I don’t have many other options. I’ve just been forced to run a company I never wanted and I’m a little bitter about it. The circumstances of why this fell into my lap makes it the hardest. Death is a cruel reality. My bike shop, occasionally the open road, not answering to anyone… this is the life I was living and wanted. 

It’s insane what one look, one night, one person can change in you.

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