Review- Unraveling Fayth by Winter Travers

What a way to end the series. Winter took it out with a bang. This book was pure perfection in every way. It was action packed and sinfully delicious. I just couldn’t put it down. 
Poor Fayth is suffering from not being able to talk even though all the words are in her head. She is depressed and living with her brother again. One day she utters one word, Slider! After that Leo knows that he needs to contact Slider to help break her out of whatever is keeping her speechless. 

Slider has been beating himself up pretty hard about Fayth getting shot. When he gets the call From Leo, he drops everything and comes running. When he takes Fayth and Marco back home with him, Fayth slowly starts coming back to herself all because of one thing… Slider. 
These two have built a slow and delicious burn. I absolutely loved watching their love blossom, and it doesn’t hurt that they tear up the sheets.  I am so happy to hear that we will be getting spin offs of this series. I can’t wait.

Fayth doesn’t know what she wants anymore. Torn between the life she used to live or staying in Rockton, Fayth can’t decide which future she wants. All she knows is that the one man who won’t leave her side is the one man who is taking over her heart.  

Everyday Slider relives the moment  he thought he had lost Fayth before he ever had the chance to have her. Now, with Fayth back in Rockton, he’s never letting her out of his sight. Although, someone else has other plans

Danger is lurking, and Slider is the one man that will keep her safe.

He let her down once.

He’ll never let it happen again.

The score is finally settled in this thrilling conclusion to the Devil’s Knights Series.

Add it to your TBR today!

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Gambler’s Longshot, Book 5-

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Unraveling Fayth, Book 8-

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