Review – Wicked Love by Michelle Valentine

Wicked Love


Wicked Love by Michelle A. Valentine

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tender and touching, Wicked Love is a roller coaster of a rock star romance sprinkled with heat and filled with heart. It’s a passionate and poignant tale of heartbreak, healing, and happiness fused with fate and feels with highs and lows. A story that heats your heart and sings to your soul. Wicked Love is wicked good.

Rock star romances, along with MMA, are my favorite stories to read so I could not help but devour Wicked Love as I did the other wickedly wonderful books in this series. The fantasy of a rocker belting songs to me makes my heart pound and my body heat. Singing is sweet and sexy, and rockers are intense and hot. Everything is done with passion. Everything.

Wicked Love is refreshing, raw, and real. The intensity and passion permeates throughout this tale and I could not help but experience every emotion while on my Wicked Love date. A story that flutters with feels. Smiling. Sweating. Swooning. A LOT.

This is not the typical rocker story where the man whore rock star meets the woman who changes him. No, Wicked Love’s hero is all grown up and ready for the real, and the heroine is perfectly imperfect.

Beautiful brunette and blue-eyed Avery Jenson is done dating losers and users who bring nothing but trouble to her already stressful life.

“This is the last time I’ll allow myself to be hurt like this. I’m sick of men treating me like something they can use, then toss away.”

Her rich life and reputation are ruined from her father’s embezzling at his company and she wants nothing more than to escape from the shambles of her former perfect life.

Perhaps luck or maybe fate made her path cross with gorgeous rocker, Tyler Mercer, one disastrous night. Every woman’s fantasy man.

Plus rocker. Plus guitar. Plus fabulous fingers.

“Watching his fingers move with ease causes a wicked thought to pop into my head. Bet he’s pretty good with those fingers in other areas too.”

Blond, blue-eyed, tall, muscular, and inked, Tyler looks like a walking wet dream though there is sweetness in his core. Hard but soft. Tough but sweet.

“This guy is absolutely gorgeous in that badass, I’ll break-your-heart-after-I’ve-melted-your-panties kind of way, but there’s something lingering in his eyes that makes him seem like he could be sweet even though his outward appearance screams trouble.”

Like Avery, Tyler yearns to escape from a painful past that haunts him every day.

Tyler rescues Avery after her friends abandoned her, and later collides into her near his home, rescuing her a second time in the small town when Avery and her father are forced to move in with her grandma.

For Tyler, the girl he has only met once and who he rescued haunts his head, heart, and dreams. Avery is the one who may be worth remembering, the one who could be more.

“I usually don’t have to work this hard to get girls. This one is going to take a lot of effort, but I’m willing to put in the work.”

Avery is hopeful that for the first time, she has found a guy who truly cares for her. She is transfixed by this man who is her real-life rocker version of prince charming. Tyler is invading her, striking her soul like a melody.

“I look at him. I mean, really look at him, while he sings. He’s so damn attractive. It’s almost like I’m seeing him for the first time.”

I’m swooning in sweetness and I don’t want to stop.

The chemistry between them heats like a slow burn. The build-up is intense. The fire is burning so hot that it’s about to ignite.

“I don’t know if she realizes what she’s done, but she’s awakened a sexual beast who wants nothing more than to find his way into that sweet pussy of hers.”

Tyler and Avery don’t have sex; they make love. It’s hot and heavenly. Scorching yet sizzling with sweetness.

“Tell me, baby, that you belong to me.”

Swoon. Scorch. Repeat.

Though their one night of passion leads to peril, causing Tyler to leave town the girl of his dreams for good.

“I’m leaving, Avery. I’m the last thing you need…I was careless. I’ve hurt people.”

The tragedy changes their lives forever. With Tyler gone, Avery is left in the aftermath, picking up the pieces of rubble.

“Tears flow and there’s no use trying to stop them because I know from this moment on, nothing in my life will ever be the same.”

Fast forward three years later, Tyler, now a world famous rock star for Wicked White, returns to his hometown and Avery, hoping he can dust off the ashes and repair the pieces of her broken heart.

“We are strangers to one another. He’s no longer the nice country boy that I met a few years ago. He’s Tyler White of Wicked White—one of the hottest rock bands in the country.”

Avery has moved on and has built a new life for herself. Tyler hopes she has room left in her heart for him.

Wicked Love is wicked special. A passionate and poignant rock star romance that is wrapped in sugar. There is nothing as sweet as a friends-to-lovers story that calls to your heart, beckoning it, and flooding it with hope and happiness. Wicked Love is a must-read love story that heats the heart and sings to the soul.

4 bbb kisses

Four wicked sweet stars

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All Tyler Mercer wanted was to make music—until he met Avery Jenson. The beautiful new girl in town turned his head and struck a chord in his heart. But when their one night of passion results in devastating tragedy, Tyler hits the road, leaving behind his dead-end hometown and the girl he knows he’ll never forget.

After her father was caught embezzling, Avery’s comfortable life in the city was blown to bits. But meeting Tyler helped to pick up the pieces and eased her into country living. She just never expected the handsome musician would add to her heartbreak by walking away without a backward glance.

Now, three years later, rock star Tyler’s come back, hat in hand. He’s found fame and fortune as a member of Wicked White, but it’s all worth nothing without Avery’s love. Can she forgive him for leaving when she needed him most? Or will the ghost of their past keep them apart?

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