Review – Models On Top by S.L. Scott


Reviewed by Sophie

Models on Top is a magnificent masterpiece of sex, seduction and a soulful second chance at love story.
This book from start to finish is like a symphony of lust filled notes and intense, emotional lyrics, that sing out in beautiful harmony.
From beginning to end Models On Top burns, sizzles and crackles from intense heat and love. Danny and Reese are so over the top in love with one another, so undeniably beautiful together that while reading Models on Top, you feel every inch of their love, every spark of their chemistry and every pulse of the simmering sexual tension.
Danny is sexy, smooth and devilishly charming. His cocky, playboy attitude, simmering smile and rock hard abs ticked all of my boxes. And not only does he pack all the looks he also brings the swoon factor. Too many times I found myself ahhh’ing along to his words of raw love and passion for Reese.
Reese is written exceptionally well along side Danny. Her love also evident but her insecurity and pain is played perfectly. As a woman reading Reese I connected to her and understood why she felt the way she did at times. But one thing that I had all the way through was faith in Reese to put her trust out there and take the chance.
Models on Top is a sublime sex-citing read that has infiltrated my heart and senses and left me full of spectacular swoony feels.


Everything you’ve heard about modeling is true, and you haven’t heard the half of it.
It’s glamorous.
It’s sexy.
And yes, the line between work and reality often blurs.
We’re not just prototypes of perfection. Models have feelings and desires, too. We may be genetically gifted, but we’re still human.
I’m only human. Yes, an extraordinary specimen that earns more in a day than most make in a year, but this eight pack didn’t create itself. I spend hours working on this body. The good looks just come natural. *Winks* Thanks, Mom and Dad.
I’m Danny Weston, Supermodel.
But one path was traded for another when I chose this career. Ten years later, I would trade my career to have it back. To have her back.
Reese Carmichael is the one woman I would give it all up for, and the only one I can’t have.

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