Review – Trans•fer•ence by Ava Harrison

Trans•fer•ence by Ava Harrison

I’ve sat on this review now for the last few days, wondering how exactly to put all my thoughts and feelings into words, because there are many thoughts and feelings FLYING around me since I finished Trans•fer•ence. I feel as though I need to say so much, bleed all over the pages as I purge every emotion in this review, but you know what I’m going to go with “less is more” because I want you to experience this book, I want you to feel everything I did with no expectations.

What Ava has done with Trans•fer•ence is weave a tale that is so captivating, insightful, emotional and intelligent. The words that fuse together in this book are breathtaking. From start to finish Ava leads her reader, on an adventure through so much vulnerability and pain, strength and passion. Ava manages to perfectly balance the good with the bad. The happy with the sad. She makes even the downright heartbreaking, beautiful. 

Eve and Preston are two beautifully broken souls, thrown together in a time of pain, confusion and devastation. Two souls that are both seeking, searching for answers. Together they form a raw, intense relationship that swept me off my feet. 

While falling in love with Eve and Preston it’s clear to see the underlying issues they both have, but in a twist of events Ava adds in suspense and angst, suspense that consumed me, angst that burnt at my very core and signed its way through my veins before blooming into intense passion and searing heat. I absolutely ADORED Eve and Preston. They are electric, raw, powerful and so, so beautiful.

Trans•fer•ence has well and truly blown my mind, left me breathless and engraved itself deep in my soul.

5 imperfectly perfect, heartbreaking stars

The nightmares find me.

They steal my breath, slowly suffocating me.

I’m scared.

I want it to stop.

He’s supposed to help me.

Instead, he evokes something forbidden.

I know I should run.

But I can’t.

I’ve made my choice.

I want him.

There’s only one problem…

He’s my therapist.


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